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Upcoming Exhibitions

Solo Exhibition by Julie Roth
Thursday, September 3 THROUGH Sunday, September 27
This exhibition explores our boundaries and balance with nature. My work is influenced by landscapes and cityscapes, with intertwining narratives that question man’s balance with nature. Human figures meld with their surroundings creating metaphoric scenes that explore containment and expansion, industrialization and conservation, and the man-made world vs the natural environment. All work is created on large gallery-grade birch panels using oil paint overlaid with detailed line work. A clear gesso base allows for wood grain patterns to be incorporated into the final art. All paintings are finished with an archival gloss varnish.
FRONT GALLERY | Solo Exhibition
Artist Reception: No reception event due to COVID-19

Let's Feast 
Thursday, October 1 THROUGH Sunday, November 29
As a foundation of our human existence, food has always played a significant part in our social and cultural lifestyles and continues to do so in today's artistic world. Let's Feast celebrates the many facets of food and can also represent artwork carrying a symbolic meaning. In this exhibition, you can find food in its many forms, from creation and harvest to preparation, consumption, and more!
Artist Reception: TBD

Exhibition by Karen Kjell & Daniela Kouzov
Thursday, October 1 THROUGH Sunday, November 1
bi·lin·gual /ˌbīˈliNGɡwəl/ (of a ceramic artist) the ability to use clay to translate ideas into tangible art work that can be seen and understood by others.
Karen was born and raised in Wisconsin. She and her husband lived in Brazil for more than 20 years, relocating to Green Bay in 2017. While she has a background in music, piano and voice, about twelve years ago she began to explore the visual arts, specifically drawing. Ever seeking to learn, she pursued course work in drawing and watercolor painting. She is currently a drawing instructor at NWTC’s Artisan and Business Center. Three years ago, in 2017, ceramics became her primary focus. She continues the pursuit of learning and experimentation. Karen’s work has been exhibited in juried events in Door County, De Pere, and Green Bay. She has also participated in group exhibits at The Neville Public Museum. Her work can also be found at a local fine art shop. “In making beautiful things, some pieces are meant to be used. Teapots, bowls, vases. Some are just beautiful with the sole purpose of being pleasing to the eye and, I hope, encouraging. I use the tagline “Potter and Clay.” As the potter, I make decisions and shape the clay. As the clay, I am still being molded. I am still in the process of becoming.”
Daniela Kouzov was born and raised in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. From a very early age, she was involved in painting, drawing, and acting. She obtained a Degree in Art from The Art and Fashion Institute, located in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, and participated in numerous group art exhibits during her four years of education.  With a desire to explore the business side of the art field, she obtained a Master Degree in Business from University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. An opportunity to continue her education brought her to the US at the age of 26, and she went for her second Master in Business Degree at Northpark University, Chicago, IL. She has been actively pursuing ceramics since 2017, participated in numerous juried events in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana, and has been part of group exhibits at The Neville Public Museum and Artless Bastard Gallery in Green Bay, WI. In her art, she likes to implement elements from nature, leaves, flower-like elements, clean organic forms. “Life is a constant change and my ceramic art pieces represent this change. I love the fact that clay allows me to create art that possesses dynamic, motion, and direction. With every piece I am trying to create a movement. There is a surprise at every angle and no side is the same.”
* Image courtesy of photographer Lina Canaveral, www.linacanaveralphotography.com
FRONT GALLERY | Solo Exhibition
Artist Reception: Thursday, October 1 @ 6PM - 8PM

Group Exhibition by April Beiswenger, Lisa Beiswenger, andGina Lynn Williams
Thursday, November 5 THROUGH Sunday, November 29
Glass and paint, wood and fiber, light and color, the Magpie fills her nest with objects of delight and joy. Gala Crafts creates beautiful objects that reside in the intersection of motion, stillness, art, play.
FRONT GALLERY | Solo Exhibition
Artist Reception: TBD

Thursday, December 3 THROUGH Sunday, January 31
Join us as we come together to unify our community. Unification will feature works that represent togetherness of the past, present, and hopeful future. View the work of various artists who express their vision and their subjective perspective for social change in our world.
Call for Art Open: September 18, 2020 | Submissions Due: November 19, 2020
Artist Reception: Thursday, December 3 @ 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Cuba in my Eyes 
Solo Exhibition by Eduin Fraga
Thursday, December 3 THROUGH Sunday, December 27
This exhibition‘s images reflect the daily life of the average Cuban in both rural and urban spaces, according to the artist's experiences as a Cuban born in Havana. A pervasive theme is the normalcy of struggle for basic needs, access to transportation, getting food, water shortages, and many more mundane yet critical issues. Each of the works in the exhibition represent a scene recognizable to the average Cuban person.
Eduin Fraga was born in Havana, Cuba in 1974. He began painting over twenty years ago, blending newspaper collage and paint on canvas in order to capture dynamic fragments of society within the piece. Fraga considers his technique of painting and newspaper collage to be a unique mechanism through which to add complexity and richness to the work while simultaneously transforming it into a form of historical register of social experience. Fraga formally studied at the Experimental Center of Visual Arts in Havana. He has been invited to present his work in galleries and universities within the US and in Cuba. Fraga currently divides his time between Cuba and the United States.
FRONT GALLERY | Solo Exhibition
Artist Reception: TBD

Resonance Series 
Solo Exhibition by Ryan Tuck
Thursday, December 31 THROUGH Sunday, January 31
The Resonance series exudes energy, movement and life making a bold point of interest and conversation piece. Bright and deep colors and rich materials applied fluidly in layers create an expressive dance which comes to life and becomes a vibrant, intense focus of beauty and reflection. It is my visualization of sound and vibration at an atomic level. How matter and sound interact, effect each other, morph between states and resonate in unison.
To create the series I prime the board, then I drop alcohol ink combined with an extender in some circumstances. I take a fan brush and use it to paint patches with acrylic paint. After this I dust it lightly with black tar (bitume) spray paint, and then cover it in resin which I suspend in more alcohol ink. I add in gold leaf, minerals, glass and then blow torch it to cure the resin.
FRONT GALLERY | Solo Exhibition
Artist Reception: Thursday, January 7 @ 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

The Athletes
Thursday, February 4 THROUGH Sunday, March 28
The Athletes makes competitive endeavors, or what we like to call sports, about more than just winning and losing, but instead the blood, sweat, and tears characterized on the playing field. As we understand the adrenaline and passion that are rendered, this exhibition presents the accessories and humans of sports: the equipment, trophies, objects that adorn athletic bodies, and the athletes themselves.
Call for Art Open: November 20, 2020 | Submissions Due: January 21, 2021
Artist Reception: Thursday, February 3 @ 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM