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Upcoming Exhibitions

Taking Shape
Thursday, July 30 THROUGH Sunday, September 27
Taking Shape finds its roots in intuition and freedom through abstraction. View the imagination behind artists' work and look beyond what we can physically see to translate intangible emotions. These abstract pieces will explore the concept of time and stillness in the physical world around us through shapes, forms, colors, and textures.
Call for Art Open - SUBMISSION DUE: July 16, 2020
Artist Reception: Friday, August 31 @ 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM 

Youth Summer Art Workshop Student Exhibition
Sponsored by Cellcom
Thursday, July 30 THROUGH Sunday, August 30
Designed for ages 6 to 16, The Art Garage’s Youth Summer Art Workshop program encourages young students to discover their inspiration and express themselves in new ways! Each week, an instructor will also choose one student's final project to be in our August Exhibition. On the opening day of this exhibition, July 30th from 5pm-7pm, we invite family and friends to join us in The Art Garage gallery, for an Artist Reception featuring these youth artists along with complimentary food and drinks, live youth performances, and more! While our Summer Art Workshop program explores a range of media and artistic skills, the goal of our workshops is to let children discover various ways to use their imagination and to ultimately turn something ordinary into extraordinary!
Front gallery exhibition - Students who register for one of our Youth Summer Art Workshops are entered to participate
Artist Reception: No reception event due to COVID-19

Cuba in my Eyes

Thursday, December 3 THROUGH Sunday, December 27
This exhibition‘s images reflect the daily life of the average Cuban in both rural and urban spaces, according to the artist's experiences as a Cuban born in Havana. A pervasive theme is the normalcy of struggle for basic needs, access to transportation, getting food, water shortages, and many more mundane yet critical issues. Each of the works in the exhibition represent a scene recognizable to the average Cuban person.
Eduin Fraga was born in Havana, Cuba in 1974. He began painting over twenty years ago, blending newspaper collage and paint on canvas in order to capture dynamic fragments of society within the piece. Fraga considers his technique of painting and newspaper collage to be a unique mechanism through which to add complexity and richness to the work while simultaneously transforming it into a form of historical register of social experience. Fraga formally studied at the Experimental Center of Visual Arts in Havana. He has been invited to present his work in galleries and universities within the US and in Cuba. Fraga currently divides his time between Cuba and the United States.