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Upcoming Exhibitions

2022 Call for Art Group Exhibitions:

This year, four of our exhibitions will explore the four classical elements in ancient Greek philosophy and science: EARTH, WIND, FIRE, and WATER beginning the year with EARTH. We will end the year with our 2nd Annual A Year In Review open theme.
Human pressure on nature has soared since the 1970s. We have been using more and more natural resources, and this has come at a cost. Air and water quality are reducing, soils are depleting, crops are short of pollinators, and coasts are less protected from storms. Our nation has seen an increase of natural disasters from wildfires and mud slides to tornadoes and floods. However, the beauty of nature can also have a profound effect upon our senses, stirring feelings of awe, wonder, and amazement.
We are looking for a wide range of interpretations, from destruction and devastation to beauty and wonder. What is it that can move the observer?

Elements: FIRE
Exhibition Dates: July 6 - August 27
Submissions Open: May 23 - Submit your work HERE
Submissions Close: 
June 9
Acceptance Notification by: 
June 17
Opening Reception: Thursday, July 7 @ 5pm-7pm

Historically relied upon to sustain life - warmth, light, the daily preparation of meals - FIRE has taken a lesser role in our lives in modern society; typically limited to the occasional holiday hearth, back-yard fire pit, or camping trip. Still, collectively we acknowledge the power and mystique of its immense force; one that we control when we can and are lost to when we cannot.  

Elements: FIRE is a challenging exhibition considering the current reality and impact of forest fires around the world, but beautiful in its diverse perspectives. We grapple with the knowledge that wildfire often stems from the negative impacts of our race on the natural world, while also recognizing fire’s role in the environmental cycle, its effects being part of a healthy rhythm.  




2022 Featured Front Gallery Exhibitions:

Jenna Kast - Love at First Sight Solo Exhibition
Exhibition Dates: June 1 - June 25
Artist Reception: Friday, June 3 @ 5pm-7pm
“Love At First Sight” invites us to consider why we are drawn to abstract art, and subsequently what we find beautiful at the most basal level. What is the particular, intangible appeal of an art form with no recognizable symbols or subject.
How can we fall in love with something that is nothing?

Jenna Kast is an abstract artist known for her colorful paintings with flowing compositions led by marks and organic circular shapes. While working primarily with acrylic paint, she often incorporates spray paint, pastel, pen, and metallic leaf. Fitting for her self-taught, intuitive style, her work is inspired by emotion and feeling: both the expression of her own, and in the final piece, as an invitation for the observer to make their own interpretations based on their own experiences and state of mind. 

Jenna lives and works in Green Bay, Wisconsin.