About Us


Our Mission is to encourage an appreciation for and participation in the visual, performing, and literary arts.

As a creative hub located in Green Bay’s Arts District, our vision is to ensure the arts are recognized as integral to the lives of our community members and essential to vibrant community growth and prosperity. We strive to promote a common ground for people to participate in meaningful arts experiences through our various art workshops, gallery exhibitions, live performances, and community-focused programs. Our vision is to be a creative outlet for the community and a space for budding and established local artists, while also continuing to offer access to the arts for all.

Our History: Cedar Center Arts, Inc. was founded by local artists who were seeking a unique, creative space. By March 17, 2006, The Art Garage was opened and sustained by a small board of directors. In 2007, our first staff member was hired. By our fifth anniversary in 2011, The Art Garage had expanded into two rooms in 6,000 square feet, with a board of 21 people, two part-time staff members, and several volunteers. In January of 2015, The Art Garage purchased the cannery complex with the support of donors, volunteers, local business owners, and other community supporters. Since the purchase of the cannery complex, we have expanded and allocated funds to renovate additional studio space to allow for programming to develop further. In June of 2021, the board hired its first executive director. 

Our Facility
The Art Garage is located in a 100-year-old former canning factory with cream city brick walls, high ceilings, and polished concrete floors. The perfect setting for an exciting arts center!

Our gallery is located at 1400 Cedar Street, formerly the cannery’s loading dock. Behind the gallery walls lie our semi-private artist studios. These studios act as a creative space for local artists to build relationships, support one another, and complete their visions.

Our other studios, with entrances on the Main Street side of the building, act as multipurpose spaces which are home to many art workshops and classes, personalized art parties, meetings for local arts organizations, art vendor markets, and other arts-related events and programming. 

Our Programs
Since 2006, The Art Garage has provided a historical, unique venue with a casual atmosphere where the public can visit, free of charge, and support local artists. Our gallery allows both up-and-coming artists as well as professionals a place to display their works through our front gallery rental and side gallery themed exhibitions. The gallery also acts as a space for artists, creatives, musicians, supporters, and patrons to share their inspirations.

We strive to offer a variety of art workshops and classes, personalized art parties, and unique live performances. We are dedicated to the belief that education in the arts is an indispensable element of a thriving and meaningful community, and that the arts should be available to all. Our arts education curriculum is inspired by our energetic community, the geography in which our organization is situated, and the unique history of our facility. 

How We Serve the Community
Cedar Center Arts, Inc. is dedicated to the belief that art is an indispensable element of a thriving and meaningful community, and that the arts should be available to all. In an effort to remove barriers and make art available to all, we do not charge admission to visit our gallery, our artist receptions, or various events throughout the year. While we charge a fee for our art educational workshops, we offer discounts and full scholarships to youth, seniors, and low-income families. Cedar Center Arts strives to be a unique space where creativity is fostered, and all can be empowered.

We strive to connect, collaborate, and engage with local arts organizations in the Green Bay and surrounding areas to provide affordable programming. We work directly with many organizations including the NWTC Artisan & Business Center, Olde Main Street Inc, S.A.G.E., Play-by-Play Theatre, Untitledtown Book & Author Festival, Civic Symphony of Green Bay, Titletown, Greater Green Bay Chamber, Discover Green Bay, Austin Straubel International Airport, Bay Area Arts & Culture Alliance, the Art Squad, and many others.

Gallery Hours
Tues 3-6 | Weds-Fri 12 - 6p | Sat-Sun 12-4p 
or by appointment. Closed Mondays and for installations.