Gallery Sponsorship

Gallery Sponsorship

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Art grows communities! Join us and grow yours!

We've seen it time and time again at the Art Garage—art builds communities by expanding our sense of belonging, fostering creativity, and promoting cultural understanding.

Each month, our community-focused gallery exhibitions serve as a venue for artists—both local and abroad—to share their artwork with hundreds of visitors. This year alone, we are on track to double those numbers with some exciting new exhibitions.

To share in the love, we are inviting local businesses and nonprofits to join with us by sponsoring a gallery exhibition. Gallery Sponsorship offers your group the unique opportunity to align with this vibrant and dynamic arts community, reaching a diverse audience of art enthusiasts, collectors, artists, and local visitors. With your support, we can enhance the exhibition experience, elevate our outreach efforts, and ensure the success of these highly anticipated exhibitions. We can also reward the artists for their hard work.

Here are some ways in which your sponsorship can make a difference:

Group Visibility: Your group will be prominently featured on our website and in all promotional materials, including social media campaigns to our over 10k followers, press releases, e-newsletters to over 4k subscribers, and all event signage, maximizing exposure to our extensive network.

Exclusive Benefits: Enjoy exclusive privileges such as VIP access to host a private preview of the exhibition opening, private tours with the artists, and special recognition during the event. Your group is also invited to participate in the jurying process, and can opt to select a piece of artwork to keep through the Purchase Award.

Community Engagement: Demonstrate your commitment to the arts and community development by supporting local artists and providing enriching cultural experiences for visitors. If your group charges admissions or accepts donations, we can encourage our artists and supporters to visit, and reward them with free submissions to the exhibition with proof of admission fee/donation to your group.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with other sponsors, artists, and industry leaders within our creative community, fostering valuable relationships and potential collaborations.

Customized Packages: We are flexible in tailoring your Gallery Sponsorship package to suit your organization's specific goals and budget, ensuring a mutually beneficial partnership.

We believe that your involvement as a sponsor will not only enhance the success of the exhibition, but also strengthen our ongoing commitment to promote artistic excellence and cultural diversity within our community. Help keep the arts alive by supporting the Art Garage!

If you're interested in donating another way, follow this link to find out more.

Cedar Center Arts Inc., the parent company of the Art Garage, is a 501(c)(3) charity recognized by the IRS. All donations to the Art Garage and Cedar Center Arts are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. The Art Garage accepts gifts of all sizes. Your support helps us continue to provide programs to our community and people of all ages.

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