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with Jenna Kast

Week 3: July 8-12

Cost: $160 + $15 supplies = $175.00

Workshop Description
This week-long calligraphy class will cover several styles of script hand lettering, as well as pointed pen calligraphy. We’ll begin the week covering script lettering and brush pen calligraphy, then move on to pointed pen tools and calligraphy. Students will learn while completing projects throughout the week, like letters, cards, and a calligraphy art piece.

Instructor Biography
Art has been a part of Jenna's life since she was old enough to pick up a crayon, but growing up in a small Wisconsin town she never thought of it as a way to make a living.
Many years, an advertising degree, and a marketing career later, Jenna rediscovered her love for art and found my true calling - mixing art and graphic design.
Jenna loves making beautiful and sassy things for beautiful and sassy people. In a world filled with box-store products, there's still room for handmade love.
Jenna's work has been featured on Country Living, Buzz Feed, and Destination Wisconsin Wedding and was awarded 2018 BEST CALLIGRAPHY FINALIST in Wisconsin Bride Magazine.

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