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with Kenna Riner

Week 2: June 24-28

Cost: $160 + $10 supplies = $170.00

Workshop Description
Could you turn something broken into something beautiful? Mosaic is an art form that dates back to ancient times. In this class we will learn the fun and safe way to make a mosaic piece with tile, stone, stained glass, and many other up-cycled materials such as buttons, seashells and even keyboard keys! Students will plan and sketch out a piece of artwork, arrange patterns, use positive and negative space, create an image with pieces, and learn how to execute a piece of art that requires a timed process. Students have the option to bring an object from their home to turn into a mosaic piece, or bring in a glass/dish to break into pieces to use in their masterpiece.

Instructor Biography
Kenna is a mixed media artist from Green Bay, specializing in painting, therapeutic art, and body art.  She is inspired mostly by nature and people after growing up in woodsy Wisconsin and spending years as a face painter. Her artistic style is bright, colorful, magical, and ornamental often changing people into walking works of art. Kenna believes that art can be a powerful tool for learning about ourselves, how we see the world and how we can communicate with the world. She hopes to finish her education after studying her first year at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and continue to working with children.

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