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When the Mood Strikes Bookmarks

When the Mood Strikes Bookmarks

The Art Garage

Collect a hand-painted canvas bookmark from the studio of Jenna Kast!

Each bookmark begins as one part of a whole sheet of raw canvas--the same canvas used in Kast's larger works--and they get painted, cut, finished, shaped, punched and tasseled by by the artist. You'll also find her signature initials on the back.

If you're the type of person who loves the feel of REAL books--turning pages and the smell of the paper--you're going to love the feel of these bookmarks. The texture of the paint and canvas is a simple delight, and as you use them over the months and years ahead they'll become even softer and more pliable. It's just one more sensory comfort to add to the enjoyable experience of reading.

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