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WGC The Daily Lottery

WGC The Daily Lottery

Keen Behringer


WGC The Daily Lottery
Keen Behringer

Pencil on Paper

Artist Statement
The highest honors an American Saddlebred horse can receive, the pinnacle of success, is to win one of the three World Grand Champion titles, in the top three divisions of competition, at our World Championship horse show in Louisville, Kentucky. As a professional horse trainer, I attend this show annually, and I marvel at the quality of horses that compete against my clients and I. Back in 2014 I began a series of drawings I called “The Champions Series,” when I returned from the World Championships. I was inspired to start the series where I would highlight the incredible winners of the top three divisions in 2014. I completed the first two drawings just before the birth of my second daughter and then my time became short and the third drawing was never completed.
This past year, 2019, a little horse named The Daily Lottery won the World Grand Championship in the Five Gaited division in Louisville. This was the same horse who had won it in 2014 when I started “The Champions Series.” This horse broke his own record as the oldest horse to ever win this class. The class was magnificent and filled with top contenders. Little by little this horse, full of heart, outshined and outlasted younger, larger, and stronger horses. He left goosebumps on every spectator. This was his final year of competition. They will give him a well-deserved retirement as one of the most decorated American Saddlebred show horses of all time. I felt now was as good of a time as any to memorialize this horse’s last trip around the famous “Freedom Hall” show ring at the World Championship horse show. Thus, finally completing “The Champions Series.”

Artist Biography
Keen Behringer grew up in upstate New York with a passion for Art and horses. She spent her childhood riding competitively and honing her skills as an artist. She left home at the age of 17 to attend Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota Florida. After a wonderful year in sunny Florida Keen missed the horses immensely and transferred to William Woods University in Fulton, Missouri to become involved in their equestrian program. There she worked for a Hall of Fame horseman when not on campus and traveled the country competing at the highest-level during summer internships. Keen even spent a year riding internationally in Limerick, Ireland while studying abroad at the University of Limerick.
After college Keen was working as a professional horse trainer in the heart of horse country outside of Louisville, Kentucky for another set of highly decorated horse trainers. She realized there was a demand for horse portraiture as many of her clients loved their show horses dearly and wanted them memorialized through art. She began doing commissioned oil paintings for clients. She had never developed much interest in drawing and painting horses previously. Art was always an outlet for expression of a different kind, unrelated to her primary career. She began to realize that her understanding of equine anatomy and musculature gave her the ability of portraying the equine figure with great depth and realism.
Keen took another job that relocated her to central Wisconsin. After many life changes she fell away from art for a time period as she had children and built a business. She owns and operates Sublime Saddlebreds LLC a full-service horseback riding and training program in Brandon, Wisconsin. One night her oldest child asked if they could draw together. With a little childhood innocence and some creative spark Keen was off and running. She has most recently produced a large series of pencil and pastel drawings of equine art, showcasing and promoting her breed of choice, in which she has dedicated her life to; the great American Saddlebred!

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