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Brian Zaker


Brian Zaker

Acrylic on Canvas

Artist Statement - Strength

The strength and agility that is needed to defy gravity in dance is a sheer testament to years of devotion and training. Ballet looks graceful and effortless from the outside but any dancer will tell you that the strength that is needed to create beautiful lines and turns is a never ending battle with gravity. From performing pirouettes on pointe to taking flight in leaps, dancers are truly athletes in every sense of the word.

Artist Biography - Brian Zaker

My love for art began as a young child of four years. My mother would comment on my drawings that were detailed beyond my years. My love for art would lead me to not only continue drawing but also explore painting, sculpture and mixed media. After graduating college, I continued in the field of graphic design.

At the age of 8, I also began studying dance which would lead me into theater productions, culminating with performances in regional and professional productions. Music, art, dance and performing have been and will continue to be a part of who I am now and in the future.

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