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Nikki Finnigan


Nikki Finnigan

Colored Pencil on Paper

Artist Statement
The subject is sitting in a very calm, contemplative position; curled up within herself as if that’s where her thoughts are, too. Her colors somewhat give away what she’s thinking about though. They undeniably suggest she’s thinking of something happy. Perhaps she’s even celebrating?

Artist Biography
My name is Nikki Finnigan. A Green Bay native, I’ve been painting and drawing for about 3 years. I’ve been in a few shows at the Art Garage as well as the Miller Art Museum in Sturgeon Bay.
I believe that art is the universal language. No one has to be able to read or write to understand art-they just need to be able to feel. If I’m lucky, the chief emotion my art evokes is happiness. Not always, but hopefully frequently.
Most days, I draw and/or paint. When I don’t, I spend a lot of time organizing completed art. I’m currently working on getting things put together for my first solo exhibition which will be held at The Art Garage from June 4-27, 2020.

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