Cass Raymond

Oct 21 - Nov 11: Skinning it - Contemporary Approaches to Paint Workshop

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Skinning it: Contemporary Approaches to Paint

with Cass Raymond

Saturdays: October 21st - November 11th

10am - 12pm

Course Description:

Learn how to create and manipulate paint skins! This contemporary form of painting involves pouring paint and letting it set to create a “skin” that can be peeled up and used as a form of art in its own right. These skins can be painted on, embroidered, cut, used as a canvas or incorporated into larger forms of art with other objects. We will creatively explore these options during this four-week course that dares you step outside the canvas.

Weekly Breakdown:

Week One: Learn about what a paint skin is and explore creative options on manipulating and pouring the skins. We will pour them and plan ahead for the next class.

Week Two: Start playing with and manipulating the skins that were poured the previous week. This week we will focus on cutting, tearing, bending, folding and gluing.

Week Three: We will paint on the skins and/or create collages with drawings/magazine tear outs.

Week Four: We will incorporate objects and further manipulate the skins. We can glue objects to the skins, glue skins to larger objects, and explore embroidering the skins.

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