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Michael Gelhar


Michael Gelhar

Graphite on Paper

Artist Statement
In this portrait, the subject looks beyond the viewer while considering options for the next action. The portrait captures the subject assessment of the scene he views, leading the viewed to believe he has the ability to change the circumstances. His inner monologue suggests that he can influence the outcome, possibly for the better.
The portrait is graphite, primarily using pencils in the hard range (8H to 2B). The stubble texturing is a sharp contrast to the light value of the graphite. The viewer can imagine how that feels in contrast to the soft texture of the shirt.

Artist Biography
Mike Gelhar graduated from UW-Oshkosh in 2000 with a graphic arts degree and a fine arts minor. Mike has returned to portrait drawing in his preferred mediums of graphite pencil and ink, after raising two daughters. He lives in Oshkosh and works as a digitizer in 4imprint’s embroidery department.
Mike’s artistic focus is rendering the emotions of a subject’s face. The challenge of capture a person’s expression and conveying their internal monologue while using a single medium is what drives Mike’s artistic journey. When limited to the tonal values of a single hue, Mike focuses on the subtle differences that shape a face, giving each subject their unique features while providing the viewer insight to what the subject is thinking.
You can find his art on Instagram at @mgelhar_art.

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