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Golf, The Insurance Game

Golf, The Insurance Game

Lori Jae


Golf, The Insurance Game
Lori Jae

Acrylic on Canvas

Artist Statement - Golf, The Insurance Game

This painting was inspired as a satire on how business is done at the Golf Course. Insurance companies and other businesses will work out their business transactions during their games to insuretheir deals go through.

Artist Biography - Lori Jae

My career in art started in Green Bay, WI, in the late 1990's as I was still healing emotionally from a major accident. Looking for a way to express myself, I remembered how as a child in kindergarten, I would always want to play with paint. After a visit to the art store and coming home with paints & canvases, I painted many canvases and became a self taught artist. During my journey, I had the privilege of meeting a great artist named Norbert H. Kox, and he became a friend and mentor. He & other artist friends encouraged me to enter many exhibits and shows & I was honored with many awards along with magazine, books & newspaper articles. My character, “Newt”, has become a main feature and trademark in my paintings as a symbol of societal ills and corruption. My past also consisted of being a volunteer advocate for consumers with mental health issues. Below is a list of some of the exhibits, publications and personal collections that contain my art:

The University of Wisconsin, Green Bay, Lawton Gallery, Personal Collection The Neville Public Museum, Brown County, WI, Personal Collection
The American Visionary Art Museum, Exhibit, Baltimore, MD
Very Special Arts of Wisconsin, both Personal Collection & Book

“Miracles of the Spirit”, Book by Don Krug & Ann Parker
Damian Michaels, Personal Collection, Australia
Invitation to Participate: the “Blues Ball” Fundraiser, Memphis, Tenn 

“Jerry Lee Lewis, His Demons & His Genius” painted raw unstrung guitar
Center for Intuitive & Outsider Art, Chicago, IL; Created Game Board, “Eye of Newt” Very Special Arts Gallery, West, Beverly Hills, CA
“Journey Within” Very Special Arts Collection of Wisconsin in Association 
with the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
Articles in the Milwaukee Journal, Green Bay Press Gazette & Clinical Psychology Greater Midwest International Exhibition XV, Central Missouri State University Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters, Madison, WI, Two Person Exhibit

(Lori Jae and Norbert H. Kox)

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