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Friend of Cedar Center Arts Membership Fee

Friend of Cedar Center Arts Membership Fee

The Art Garage


Become a Friend of Cedar Center Arts Member by visiting https://theartgarage.org/collections/become-a-friend-of-cedar-center-arts

Crazy about the arts? Then this group is for you!
Not only will you be integral to the growth of Cedar Center Arts Inc., you'll also have fun hanging out with like-minded arts lovers.
An annual $50 Donation to our organization gets you in this club and will help to off-set the cost of monthly “Tune Ups!". Members will get together for a social gathering every month to discuss general updates on Cedar Center Arts, Inc./The Art Garage including programming, volunteer opportunities, and ways to help the organization and its mission! This club also requires each member to commit to at least two hours of volunteer service per month. There are many on-site and off-site opportunities to participate in, and you can sign-up at every monthly meeting for the following month’s needs. Cedar Center Arts needs friends like YOU!


**Please be sure a membership form is also filled out!