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Malgorzata Waz


Małgorzata Wąż

Acrylic on Canvas

Artist Statement - Focus

Bluebird skies are the best days out on the slopes - no clouds in sight, just snow, ice and crisp air. Sometimes it's nice to take it all in without the goggles accumulating frost or fog clouding your vision or your visionfor that day and the days again. Even on beautiful days it takes a bit of planning to descend in a safe (but also quick! Adrenaline inducing!) way where cozy gear can help is to make those decisions - the scarf crocheted by mother, a helmet, and a warm headband. And after that planning, all you need is the focus and drive to have the most enjoyable experience.

Artist Biography - ​Małgorzata Wąż

Małgorzata, Gosia, Wąż has had a windy path. As a Polish immigrant growing up in the Chicago area I have always enjoyed art and drawing! I enjoyed growing my talent and the Young Rembrandts after school program, painting with a local artist every month when in middle school. Both Art and Science are great passions of mine, and I was able to study both at St. Norbert College - Majoring in Biology and Minoring in Studio Art (Dec ‘17). Shortly after graduation, I worked for a M.A. Teaching through University of Portland’s Pacific Alliance for Catholic Education while teaching Middle School and High School science at an all-girls catholic school in Honolulu, HI where I was able to interact with a rich community of artists in a beautiful location and culture where I was inspired by new things at every turn! I was able to paint quite a bit during this time, and have been growing in ways to reduce my own environmental impact not only as a person, but as an artist as well. I have moved back to Wisconsin to be closer to family for now which has been a challenge in the midst of this pandemic where finding community in a new city in a social distant world seems near impossible! I am still teaching Biology and Anatomy & Physiology this year and have been able to incorporate many opportunities for students to be creative and create art in my classes as we investigate the world and creatures around us..I have been exploring many mediums and topics in the past few years with recurring themes in my work including environmentalism, landscapes and portraits using bright colors and strong mark making. I have been working on staying in touch with art friends remotely and organizing art nights to help motivate us all to keep creating during this crazy time! If you would like to see more work or collaborate with me you may check out my instagram @mwazart or website mwart.com.

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