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ADULT WEEK 1 MORNING (Digital Audio Arts)

ADULT WEEK 1 MORNING (Digital Audio Arts)

$140.00 $160.00

Digital Audio Arts
with Derrick Holt

Week 1: June 17-21
(5 sessions)
Ages 18+

Cost: $160 + $0 supplies = $160.00

Workshop Description
Digital Audio Arts for Adults (DAAA) is a Digital Music program that gives adults hands on experience with state-of-the-art technology and industry quality musical equipment. The programming allows them to explore the digital arts and potential new hobbies and/or supplemental professions in a fun and rewarding fashion! The backbone of the programming is beatmaking on computers using Studio One music software. Deejaying, Songwriting, Recording, Podcasts, and Performance are all part of the curriculum as well. The entrepreneurial experience is also ever present in DAAA. Whether a music producer, songwriter, DJ, podcaster, or performer one will often need to be the driving promotional and managerial force in their own artistic endeavors. 

About the Instructor
Derrick is an experienced teaching artist as well as a award nominated music producer and recording engineer originally from Milwaukee. Derrick has taught Hip Hop Ed and Digital Music classes to youth for 20years now, and has helped youth produce music, podcasts, and live performances!

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