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Chase up the Hill

Chase up the Hill

Mitchell Vincent


Chase up the Hill
Mitchell Vincent


Artist Statement - Chase up the Hill

Plenty of people discuss the diminishing returns of age when it comes to athleticism. The older one gets the slower and weaker they’re apparently supposed to become. This obviously isn’t always the case, and watching this gentleman pull away from the group behind him on this hill was an easy illustration that age isn’t necessarily a detractor from athletic ability.

Artist Biography - Mitchell Vincent

Mitchell Vincent is a photographer based in Green Bay and began his interest in photography when he was a child shortly after his grandfather introduced him to his extensive collection of cameras. He then began, as all photographers usually do, taking photos of everything around him. Childhood snapshots then evolved into a more serious interest in capturing images of both political events, music, and eventually blended into his love of sports.

Mitchell attended online classes for photography at the Academy of Art University in 2009 where he learned a lot of the finer points of lighting as well as simple editing techniques. From there he’s pursued degrees in web development and graphic design which gave him the knowledge necessary to grow his passion into a budding business as a sports and event photographer.

A lot of his inspiration is recently drawn from Kristof Ramon and Tino Pohlmann, who are widely known for the work covering World Tour cycling over in Europe. Much like them, Mitchell tries to go past just capturing people doing an action and apply a bit of an added artistic element to it. By either emphasizing the motion of the athlete, or incorporating the surroundings almost as if the sport being captured is a natural part of the landscape. Mitchell particularly enjoys the reactions he gets when the “everyday athlete” gets to see themselves in the same sort of light as they’re used to seeing the professionals in print and online media.

Much of what Mitchell shoots gets turned into prints that he frames and generally keeps to himself, so he’s very excited to have the opportunity to share some of his favorite recent images with you. So thank you for your time viewing this gallery.

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