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Bike Wisconsin

Bike Wisconsin

Diane Lovegren


Bike Wisconsin 
Diane Lovegren

Mixed Media

Artist Statement - Bike Wisconsin

I personally like to bike and have biked in several states. Truly, Wisconsin is a wonderful area to bike with its natural beauty and the many and varied areas. I just wanted to reflect on the many aspects of Wis that I enjoy to see and do.

On Wisconsin!!!!

Artist Biography - Diane Lovegren

Now retired from Commercial Interior Design, I can now dedicate my time to my art work. I typically have worked in pen and ink, Oil Painting and Acrylics. I am interested in all media and find some aspects of each can help me draw on other learnable techniques. I think artists (or perhaps just me?) are always evolving. I have painted landscapes, nature, people and animals and currently am learning to carve gourds. Thank you to the Art Garage for this opportunity to display my work!!

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