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Asleep on the Beach

Asleep on the Beach

Chloe Kabat


Asleep on the Beach
Chloe Kabat

Pencil on Paper

Artist Statement
This piece was based off of a trip my family took to Door County in August. Pencil has been a solid medium for me for a long time, and I’m always trying to expand on it. “Asleep on the Beach” was such a peaceful image to me compared to a wind whipped beach of some kind, and drawing it was just as calming. I have loved nature for years and years, so going back to draw it is a welcoming area for me.

Artist Biography
I am a sophomore in high school, and have been interested in art all my life. It’s been a constant for as long as I can remember, from making cardboard structures for my stuffed cats to doodling in journals at Girl Scout Camp. I’ve favored pencil drawings through most of my art path, but have tried branching out since. I’ve only recently gotten into painting in the past few years, and have been enjoying it so far! I plan on going into an art career when I am able to.
I plan on expanding on my painting and pencil skills, and comparing my pieces is always interesting to see. I believe that whenever I make something, it reflects what was happening at the time and what I was interested in. It gives me a fun way to remember not only what I’ve done through my life, but a personal way for me to know what I was doing while I was at my desk scribbling.

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