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Arrows Bunny Attack

Arrows Bunny Attack

Bunny Attack


Bunny Attack

Pen on Paper

Artist Statement
This piece has a lot to do with looking back on past mistakes, and using what you learned to your benefit.  Even though there are multiple rabbits in the illustration, the idea is that it is just one, and she is looking back on her past selves, determining where things went wrong.  She takes the arrows, and clutches them near because even though they hurt, they provided a valuable lesson.  She is turned away, representing a detachment; she is still acknowledging what happened, but she isn’t obsessing over it or letting it get in the way of her current plans.  Like anyone, I’ve made mistakes I’m not proud of, but moving on, and finding ways to better myself is what inspired me to make this piece.

Artist Biography
Bunny Attack, an illustrator based in Madison WI, has been creating stories with ink since 2012. Through the use of layers, stippling, and the impression of movement, she pulls you into the dramatic scenes her subjects are in the heart of. She began her illustrative work with Prismacolor pen, and in the past year has started working with a fountain pen and ink, diluting it accordingly to create even more depth, and to also add some color, within her work. As her name might suggest, much of her inspiration comes from rabbits, but it also comes from the natural world as a whole. Her illustrations tell human stories, but also give us a reminder that animals may not be as different from us than we think. She has shown her work at the Union Street Gallery in Chicago Heights, IL, Yellow Rose Gallery and Evolution Arts Collective, both in Madison WI. She frequently participates in group shows in Madison, Milwaukee and Chicago.

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