Teach at the ARTgarage

Share your talents and develop a working relationship with aspiring artists by becoming one of our instructors. The ARTgarage offers a variety of teaching opportunities:

Weekend Workshops: Teach a one or two session class (any day of the week) to offer an introduction to your medium or specialized technique, or provide intensive study of a particular aspect of it.

Immersion Classes: Teach a weekly workshop for multiple sessions to teach larger themes within your medium and/or develop longer lasting relationships with your students as you mentor them. Earn an hourly rate as an independent contractor.
Cork & Canvas / Team Building Events: Give light instruction in a more social setting to introduce the larger community to your work as an artist. Earn an hourly rate as an independent contractor.

Become a S.A.W. Instructor: Interested in working with children? Our Summer Art Workshops offer a great venue to engage young artists in week-long sessions that allow instructors to really tap in to their creativity. Earn an hourly rate as an independent contractor.

Interested Artists Should Provide:
A resume, including any relevant teaching background.
3 or 4 images of your work.
A description of the workshop you are interested in teaching.
1 or 2 references relevant to your teaching experience would be helpful but is not necessary.

The ARTgarage supports its instructors by providing:
Management of all student registrations and sharing any instructor materials needed in joining a class (i.e., supply lists). Class registration lists are given to instructors at the beginning of each workshop.

Marketing and marketing tools are provided for each workshop period. This includes a print catalog, website presence, and email newsletter marketing.
Workshop surveys can be provided at the end of a workshop to gather feedback from students and facilitate your greatest success in the future with us.