Gallery Model

Quarterly Exhibitions

One of our goals at the ARTgarage is to highlight visual artists as the community assets they are. We are proud to provide an environment that fosters the career growth of artists of all mediums, skill sets, career stages, and backgrounds.

The ARTgarage is open 5 days a week and holds receptions, classes, as well as both private and public events that bring thousands of people through our gallery each year. We operate within 55,000 square feet of our historic arts complex and have housed the creative work of hundreds of visual, performing, and literary artists.

Every artist that displays in our gallery will gain the opportunity to involve themselves with the patrons, visitors, and artists that frequent our facility and are a part of our community. Every artist who displays at the ARTgarage, will in turn help us drive Wisconsin’s creative economy, cultural growth, and the celebration of the role art plays in all of our lives.

Front Gallery Exhibitions and Lease


Our front gallery changes monthly and rotates amongst a variety of solo exhibitions, curated thematic shows, and community groups/nonprofits. We are open to all cultures, perspectives, faiths, etc. This gallery space includes 80-100 linear feet with the accessibility to moveable walls and partitions.

This space is available on a rental basis. The monthly rental rate includes a $350 one-time payment with a 10% commission on all artwork sales.

Statement from the ARTgarage on Art and Freedom of Expression:

The ARTgarage accepts and displays visual artwork regardless of subject matter.  We realize that some artwork may be controversial or offensive to some, but we stand by all people’s freedom to express their worldviews through cultural and creative avenues. The visual, performing, and literary arts are some of the world’s strongest and most effective instruments of personal and collective freedom. The ARTgarage is in an influential and pivotal position through its opportunity to provide a platform to all artists, issues, and subject matter.  We will not discriminate and are open to all perspectives, cultures, minorities, faith based organizations, etc.  With public support, all involved in our local arts community can actively support a free and democratic creative culture.  

We are also a community arts organization which recognizes the rights of our community members to choose whether or not to expose themselves or their loved ones to certain artwork, exhibits, and performances.  When appropriate, the ARTgarage will give advance notice on our website or on a sign within our facility notifying you of the exhibition of artwork with potentially controversial content.