Front Gallery Rental

The Art Garage offers gallery exhibition space to accommodate local artists who wish to have a solo or group exhibit! 


What are the fees involved? 

  • $350/month ($100 deposit to hold date, $250 due 2 months prior to opening date) The $100 deposit is due upon signing contract.
  • 25% commission charge on all artwork sales
    • All sales must be made through The Art Garage. Commission will be charged on all sales.
Front Gallery Rental Details:
  • Completion of the Front Gallery Rental Interest form does not guarantee exhibition space. Exhibitions are scheduled at the discretion of the Art Garage staff.
  • All exhibitions are one month, or four weeks (Wednesday-Saturday) long.
  • All works must be the creation of the displaying artist(s).
  • The Lessee is responsible for the installation and take down of artwork and artwork labels.
  • All artwork must be clearly labeled with the artist's name, title of work, medium, and price.
  • Artists must provide an inventory list with images of all work to be displayed.
  • Artwork is to be removed upon final day of lease. Any work left beyond the lease date will be subject to a storage fee.
  • Installation and removal of the artwork from the gallery during the lease is subject to staff approval.