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Doin' the Classics Sponsorship Opportunity

The success of this fundraiser exclusively depends on generous businesses who will choose to sponsor an entry image at $100. Not only does your sponsorship donation benefit our organization, but your business as well. Thank you for your consideration! With your help, The Art Garage can continue to follow our mission by providing additional arts programming to our community!
  • Your name/logo will be attached to one or more of the wonderful imitation pose entries!
  • As an online fundraiser using social media, marketing will reach over 20,000 people multiple times!
  • You will be helping to support, multiple, local, non-profit arts organizations through this sponsorship!
  • Contest marketing will begin in mid-january and will run through mid-february, including social media, broadcast, and print. your name/logo will be seen everywhere!
  • Doin' the Classics Pose Sponsorships are just $100 per pose.
We can do the match-up or you can choose from the list of over 20 participants!