Celebrate the arts in Green Bay, WI
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ArtStreet Road Show

Saturday, August 29, 2020

10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Just because Artstreet 2020 was cancelled due to Covid-19 doesn’t mean you can’t still shop the beautiful art from our juried fine artists of ArtStreet! The ArtStreet 2020 Road Show will allow you to travel throughout the Greater Green Bay area to shop from our ArtStreet 2020 fine artists. Artists will be located at various locations throughout the area allowing for great art shopping AND social distancing! Please refer to our handy online map to find their locations. Paper maps will also be located at the individual artist’s pop-up exhibit spots. Don’t miss out – this is ONE DAY ONLY. Yard signs will be placed at each location to make it easier to spot this official ArtStreet Artist space. *Please follow current COVID-19 Rules and Guidelines. Masks required inside and when in close proximity to others outside. Please follow artist’s rules when on property.

Participating Vendors:
Vendor #0 : Tommy Mlodzik - Pottery
Vendor #1 : Trisha Spice - Painting
Vendor #2 : Nancy Pierce - Photography
Vendor #3 : Mary Beth Balch - Pottery
Vendor #4 : Michelle Bonde - Jewelry
Vendor #5 : Gerland R Jensen - Woodturning
Vendor #6 : Mary L Hager - Mixed Media
Vendor #7 : Sophia Welch - Painting
Vendor #8 : Lauren Fisette - Drawing
Vendor #9 : Mosaic Arts - Non-Profit Org
Vendor #10 : Olivia Crocker - Mixed Media
Vendor #11 : Morley Remitz - Ink & Gouache
Vendor #12 : Nel Johnson - Photography
Vendor #13 : Theresa Hadzima - Painting
Vendor #14 : Sophia Hansen - Casting
Vendor #15 : Schawn Jubert - Stained Glass

Music Line-Up:
10 AM - 11 AM : Speako Cords
11 AM - 12 PM : Gil Sans
12 PM - 1 PM : Willow Tree
1 PM - 2 PM : Jenna Kopitske
2 PM - 3 PM : Brad Garrity
3 PM - 4 PM : DJ Rul3of3
4 PM - 5 PM : Vince Kelly
5 PM - 6 PM : Nikita

How it will work: 

  1. Each artist/non-profit organization or Creative Business is in charge of their own exhibit location and space – we suggest your home/front yard/driveway/your gallery or shop /friend or family’s yard, etc.
  2. If you are uncomfortable with exhibiting at your home we suggest partnering up with a local business / gallery /  non-profit group.
  3. We envision any of our past Cultural Street participants being a part of this – for example: if you are a non-proft or creative business and want to have a special “socially distanced open house” that day during those hours or a “get to know you” event – We want to keep it covid-safe but also provide you with some extra exposure and advertising that day and drive business in your doors (safely). We just ask that you “advertise” (Facebook/Instagram etc) it as “The Artstreet 2020 Road Show Open House” – or something similar…. Or – if you don’t want people inside, perhaps you can set up a tent outside of your organization or perhaps partner with a different organization that has space for social distancing?
  4. If you are willing to share your yard/gallery/driveway/business space etc with another artist – please let us know
  5. We plan to create 100 t-shirts for sale that will have the ArtStreet Road Show logo on the front and the list of participating artists / participating non-profits/participating creative businesses and sponsors on the back. Mosaic will sell these.
  6. We will create yard signs that you can place in your yard/business/non-profit that shows that you are an official participant and listing the date/time
  7. We will do all of the promoting for this event, including social media. Please feel free to share, share, share!
  8. We will have a map on our website that lists all locations, along with artist names and medium
  9. We will also have printed copies of maps made that we will get to each location
  10. We will have a free prize drawing for people attending with $250 prize, $100 prize and a $50 prize. Prize money can only be used with participating artists or participating vendors. Details to come.
  11. Participating artists will be limited to those artists who juried into ArtStreet 2020 or Cultural Street groups from 2019 or invited demonstrating artists (those who signed up this year).
  12. This is a Greater Green Bay event only. This will include the communities of Howard /Suamico, Aswaubenon, De Pere, Green Bay, Allouez, Bellevue. There is some flexibility especially if you have multiple artists at your location – we can extend boundaries. We want to make this as easy as possible for our community to shop.
  13. There is no cost to participate or for people to attend.
  14. Deadline to sign up to be included on the t-shirt and some promotional material was August 12. You can sign up later but you will not be on the t-shirt.


     Since social distancing has become our new norm we needed a creative way to celebrate our ArtStreet artists and vendors.