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Upcoming Artist Receptions

Artist receptions typically occur the first Thursday evening of an exhibit opening. Please check back for updates on scheduled artist receptions. 

Elements: EARTH
Exhibition Dates: March 3 - April 23
Submissions Open: January 17 - Submit your work HERE
Submissions Close: 
February 3
Acceptance Notification by: 
February 11
Opening Reception: Thursday, March 3 @ 5pm-7pm
Historically EARTH is commonly associated with qualities of stability, grounding, and strength. Earth energy is the beginning. It is our roots. To grow beautiful, healthy, and tall, trees must grow sturdy roots which stretch deep into rich soil. The earth element represents the densest and heaviest form of matter, and it is ruled by gravity. On our planet, we experience this as a downward pull. But if we take a second to widen our perspective, we can see that gravity is actually drawing matter towards the earth’s core from all sides; gravity, in terms of the Earth element, is an inward pull toward center.
Earth Day is April 22. The 50th anniversary of Earth Day happened in 2020 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The EARTH exhibit is in celebration of those 50 years and closes April 23.