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Plein Air Painting - at Green Bay Botanical Gardens (AUG 10-11)

Susan Anderson


Plein Air Painting
at Green Bay Botanical Garden
with Susan Anderson

Monday, August 10 & Tuesday, August 11
9:30 AM – 4:30 PM daily
Susan Anderson, Professional Plein Air Artist
2–Day Workshop: $110/Theo's Circle or GBBG Member; $128/General Public

Workshop Description
Prior oil painting experience preferred.
Learn the basics of Plein air painting. This workshop covers the set-up, thumbnail sketches, composition, color mixing using a limited palette, blocking in of shapes, color temperature and light and shadow patterns.
Students will create Plein air studies using smaller panels that can be used as reference material for creating a larger studio painting.
Each morning will start with a demo. Students will paint in the garden areas and receive individual attention.
Plein air painting is the fastest growing area of art happening across the globe. There are more Plein air painters now than ever before. Art lovers and art buyers are also taking up Plein air painting. If you enjoy painting and also love being outdoors this is an opportunity to do both in the beautiful botanic gardens.

Supply List:

  • EASEL:
    • There are a variety of styles and it is really a personal preference and what fits your pocket book. I would recommend doing some research and compare the features and prices of your options. Some easels if purchased online may take many weeks before you receive it. Here is a list of easels to check out. If you never have painted Plein air and are not sure of investing in some of these choices, perhaps the French easel style will work. It is heavier than others but not as costly. You can go online and search for Plein air easels to see the photos and reviews. Some companies have videos on how to set them up. It is important once you have your easel that you practice setting it up before the workshop. These easels are designed for outdoor use and also note the weight for each style. Many easels also come with accessory options, ei: side trays etc.
    • Jullian French Easel, Paintbook by Edge Pro plus tripod with a ball attachment, Easy L , Sienna Easel, Open Box M (this is my easel along with a Manfrotto tripod), Soltek Easel, Strada Easel, En Plein Air Easel, Wooden or neutral gray mixing palette (not white) that may already be part of your pochade box.
    • I prefer to use Gamblin Artists Colors. Gamblin is available at dickblick.com and Michaels Craft Store. Bring your palette of paint that you are comfortable using.
    • Preferred colors: Cadmium Yellow Light, Cadmium Yellow Medium, Cadmium Orange Deep, Napthol Red or Cadmium Red, Asphaltum, Quinacridone Magenta (for flowers), Quinacridone Violet or Diox Purple, Ultramarine Blue, Payne’s Gray, Cobalt Blue, Permanent Light Green, Titanium White
    • **The BOLD colors are all you need. I have been painting using just a limited palette. You can get a nice variety of colors and values using a red, yellow and blue.
    • Bring your brushes that are in good condition. I use a combination of hog bristle and synthetic and various sizes of flats, filberts, rounds and egberts. You want a variety of sizes and styles since each one creates different marks on your painting surface for interest and variety.
    • Flats sizes 2, 4, 6, 8
    • Egbert size 6
    • Long Filbert size 6
    • Optional: Silver Bristleton Brushes in the flats
    • Palette knife - about 2” long
    • There are many options for painting surfaces from wrapped cotton canvas to hard panels. You can make your own panels by using masonite or birch and priming with multiple coats of Golden Gesso on both sides. OR buy linen or cotton Centurion brand panels at dickblick.com or jerrysartarama.com. Michaels sells a cotton hard panel but I recommend applying two coats of gesso to the primed surface so the oil paint doesn’t get soaked up. Panels work better when using a palette knife for laying in heavier amounts of paints.
    • You will need two panels a day in sizes from 8” x 10” to 12” x 16”. Please check your easel choice whether there is a size limit to the substrate you will be painting on.
    • Plein air umbrella (optional) from BestBrella with a white interior. This attaches to your tripod or leg of easel and can be angled to keep your painting and palette in the shade.
    • Gamblin Solvent FREE Gel (tube) this is used as a medium and helps paint dry quicker.
    • Wet Panel carrier to protect your painting while transporting - PANEL PAK (holds two), Raymar
    • Wet Canvas Carrier (comes in various sizes and there is also one that can carry more than one size of panel). Go online to these companies to order them.
    • Small sketchbook and pencil for thumbnail sketches of your subject matter.
    • Optional Nuetral Gray duo tipped markers in tones 3, 5, and 9 sketching markers (Dick Blick has these).
    • View Finder (view catcher is a gray plastic view finder that can be adjusted in proportion to the standard size panels. There is also an app on your phone to download called Art Tools that works the same way.
    • A brush washer container and a carabiner to hook the metal brush washer unto your easel.
    • A small sealable container that is non-breakable for mineral spirits
    • Gamsol by Gamblin - Odorless Mineral Spirits (OMS)
    • Bounty Paper Towels
    • A window scraper or blade to remove paint from a glass palette
    • Plastic grocery bags for trash
    • Wet wipes to clean your hands
    • A pair of garden gloves or nitrile gloves (found at Home Depot and other stores) to protect your hands from the cadmium colors.
    • Painting outdoors requires comfortable clothing that may get some paint on them. I use a neutral colored apron even though I try to be neat. Please wear gray or some neutral color top so that your wet painting will not reflect it. You may want to dress in layers in case the morning starts off cool or the temps change.
    • Hat, visor or umbrella for sun or rain, Bug spray, Sunscreen, Comfortable shoes, Chair or stool for outdoor demos, Bottled water and snacks


Instructor Biography
Susan Anderson is an award winning artist who enjoys Plein air painting in Wisconsin during the summers.

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