Adult Jewelry Making (FEB 6)

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February 6th-27th (4 sessions) 

  • Wednesday Nights 6-9pm
  • Cost: $150 for class and materials
  • Ages: 15+
  • Instructor: Lynn Austin

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Wednesday, January 30th!

Workshop Description
In this class, students will practice jewelry techniques such as wire wrapped loops and make a necklace and earrings!

About the Instructor
I began studying art in high school, particularly working with pottery, jewelry, batik, woodworking, weaving, and other types of textiles. During those early teen years, I began designing clothing, which I sewed and sold to my school friends and in several shops in the Green Bay area. In 1973, I moved to Chicago to attend a Christian school and ministry that was a center for many artists and musicians. Coupled with a number of those artists, we opened a shop in Chicago on Hallstead Street in order to sell our art, along with antiques, vintage clothes, and an assortment of handmade goods. I was able to greatly expand my creative experience in many directions during that period, focusing especially on garment design. I also worked teaching art and sewing for grade-school children and teens.

In 1981, I moved back to Green Bay and opened a tailoring and garment design business. I have operated that business for thirty-seven years, specializing in leatherwork. In 1994, I opened an additional shop selling herbs and assorted supplies. I have taught many workshops over the years, such as soapmaking, the art of aromatherapy and perfumery, alternative medicine, cooking, candle making, basket weaving, beading, and the use of culinary herbs, teas, and spices.

I have been beading and making jewelry for forty-five years, but for the past ten years, I have focused especially on that type of creative artwork