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Taylin St. Mary

Taylin St. Mary

Logan Falk


Taylin St. Mary
Logan Falk

Pencil on Paper

Artist Statement

I drew the profile of my friend Tay one night at work; I thought that’d be a good way to pass the time. The drawing is based on a photograph, which I made black and white using my phone. I did not rely on a grid; instead, when I thought the drawing was finished, I took a picture of it and used a collage-making app on my phone to compare the drawing and the original photo side by side. Subtle differences stood out between the two, and I made some final adjustments to the drawing, like thinning the underside of her chin.

Artist Biography

I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember, but my interest in art really emerged when I was about eleven years old. That’s when I started drawing in sketchbooks, which I’ve kept to this day. I had an active imagination back then, and I loved drawing cartoons. I hated “boring” drawings like still lifes and portraits, but that changed as I grew older.

I drew most prolifically when I was sixteen. Expression replaced entertainment as my chief artistic motivation. I drew to process anger, and I drew to show love. I no longer considered realism boring, but it was still a challenge I didn’t care to face.

At seventeen, I took my first high school art class, a drawing class, and the collection I produced that semester included a portrait of my band teacher. It earned a first-place ribbon, and more importantly, it made a wonderful gift.

Since then, most of my drawings have been gifts. I’ve drawn my friends, and I’ve drawn my friends’ children. My talent for drawing is a talent for making others feel special, and so far, I’ve found no greater inspiration.

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