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Render I barely Konw 'Er

Render I barely Konw 'Er

David Martin


Render I barely Know 'Er
David Martin

Pencil on Paper

Artist Statement
A brief, semiotic love affair with the word Render and the vast iterations of its splitting and converging. Consider a dream vision. Is everything you can "see" fleshed out and textured evenly in a believable way? Can you put it all together at once, or does it morph as your semantic focus shifts? Where's that light coming from? Try not to focus on your symbolic omniscience of the narrative.

Artist Biography
These selected works have been inspired by a host of intellectually stimulating conversations I have shared with friends, family, and fellow artists about the experiences and perceptual mechanics that thread the gap between our waking lives and their various recodings inside our dreams.
The dream as subject designates me as a surrealist artist. Within this frame, I work largely in developing and exploring an automatist critical method. Never quite know how a work will start or end, I work first by starting a composition in an abstract expressionist mode and varyingly shift into developing images or patterns through free association. Each work is meant earnestly to tell a story, but the plot of the story is meant to fracture and reconstitute itself as we (both artist and viewer) spend more time with the work.
The works presented are all meditations on how our conception of space is constructed within the dream scape, coming to us in ways that are analogous to our normal senses (vision, sound, motion, etc.) but often experienced in an altered, ephemeral manner. In many instances, the frontiers we explore in our dreams unfold to us in a linear narrative fashion; however, that story often seems to be stretched out over a strange, fluid and overlapping sense space and time, in which our disembodied senses interact through various ways on varying levels. In my own experience, these senses are heightened within what is colloquially called a "lucid dream" which for me often ends in waking up inside sleep paralysis. Frequently experiencing these has fostered a deep interest in how the body and mind manage to operate and create an internal model that is both explorable and projectable through the creative act of art making.
Though you as the viewer may not share the experience that I do within a dream; I do hope that the work can get you thinking about how mental states, symbolic lexicons, & internal models shift every person's sense of the world around us, and that each of these components, while seemingly neat and rationally integrated, may have more in common with the hazy and uncanny space inside our dreams or altered states than we often give credit.

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