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YOUTH WEEK 4 MORNING (Jewelry Making)

YOUTH WEEK 4 MORNING (Jewelry Making)

$155.00 $175.00

Jewelry Making
with Muriel Austin

Week 4: July 22-26

Cost: $160 + $15 supplies = $175.00

Workshop Description
In this fun and interesting class, students will learn basic jewelry-making with wood, glass, metal, and colorful plastic beads. Young artists will learn to use jewelry "findings", such as headpins, earring wires, crimp beads, and lobster and barrel clasps; and will take home a number of creative, unique, and age-appropriate jewelry pieces.

Instructor Biography
My early interest in rocks and gemstones led me to become a member of a local geology club. As a teenager, I learned to make and repair jewelry while working at The Mother Bead in downtown Green Bay, and for the past six years I've created jewelry using silver, semi-precious stones and pearls. During the summer of 2018, I assisted with the jewelry-making courses for the Youth Summer Art Workshops. In other interests, I am an avid reader and collect art, which led me to serve as secretary for the Mayor's Beautification Committee, a committee which advised elected officials in the City of Green Bay on policy concerning environmental quality-of-life issues, aesthetics, and the arts. I am currently employed as a technical assistant for the pre-American history website, Labaye.org.



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