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Jenna Kast Fine Art

Studio B Showcase: Jenna Kast Fine Art
Thursday, July 1 THROUGH Sunday, July 25
STUDIO B | Solo Showcase
Artist Reception: Thursday, July 22 @ 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Jenna Kast is an emerging abstract artist known for her colorful, intuitive and gestural paintings. While working primarily with acrylic paint, she often incorporates spray paint, pastel, pen and metallic foils. Fitting for her self-taught, intuitive style, her work is inspired by emotion and feeling: both the expression of her own, and in the final piece, as an invitation for the observer to make their own interpretations based on their own experiences and state of mind. Jenna lives and works in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
Through my intuitive and sometimes gestural abstractions I aim to express the intangible: sentiment, passion, and feeling. I found myself drawn to nonrepresentational art because it felt like emotion incarnate – a release of energy that creates a marker in time of intangible thought and emotion. I believe in the viewing of abstract art we are not only gaining a glimpse of the innermost thoughts of the artist, but also seeing our own innermost thoughts, hopes and dreams reflected back to us like a mirror, via our own internal reaction to what we see.
My work often combines techniques that are out of control with ones that are carefully planned. Drips and splashes next to carefully placed strokes. My color choices are often intuitive and influenced by the feelings and emotions generated by nature, travel or music.
Individual collections often reflect my mood or state of mind during the period of their creation, and it is my ultimate joy when collectors – who have very different life experiences and stories from mine – connect in their own unique and deeply personal way to my work, allowing it to take on a new life.
Open Studio Times:
Wednesday, July 7 @ 4PM - 6PM
Friday, July 9 @ 9AM - 2PM
Monday, July 19 @ 6PM - 8PM
Tuesday, July 20 @ 9AM - 11AM
Thursday, July 22 @ 9AM - 11AM
Friday, July 23 @ 9AM - 2PM

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