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Mommy & Me

Looking for something to do with your child that's new and exciting? Mommy & Me is a workshop series at The Art Garage that aims to give you and your child the chance to explore a variety of art materials, experience something unique, and enjoy being creative in a group setting! Each lesson is planned to expose the children to an element of art, new art material, and/or basic art skills. Join us for these fun, non-intimidating workshops to bond with your little artist and nurture their creativity! 

These hour and a half classes are $50, for both adult and child, and supplies are included! Come learn something new, create something original, and have an authentic, creative, and unique experience with your kiddo(s) here at The Art Garage!

There is a 1-week (7 days) registration deadline on all our workshops. Individuals who ask for a refund prior to the 1-week registration deadline will receive a 100% refund. No refunds will be given after the 1-week registration deadline.

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