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Sweetest Day: Wood Turned Cocktail Muddlers (OCT 16)

Sweetest Day: Wood Turned Cocktail Muddlers (OCT 16)

Kelly Bresnahan


HANDMADE HOLIDAYS: Sweetest Day - Wood Turned Cocktail Muddlers
with Kelly Bresnahan

October 16, 2021 (1 session)

  • Time: Saturday Evening @ 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM

  • Ages: 16+ (non-alcoholic drinks available for those under 21)

  • Beverage: Non-Alcoholic Strawberry Mojito

  • Cost: Supplies & Drink Included | $35 Non-Member | $30 Member (Per Person)

  • Location: @ NWTC Artisan & Business Center

  • Capacity: 12 people

Workshop Description
Discover the fun and excitement of turning on a wood lathe! Join us for a fun night of learning the basics of operating a lathe and work with gouges to create a unique cocktail muddler. This workshop is a great introduction to using a wood lathe and is sure to spark inspiration and creativity at any experience level!

Workshop supplies ARE INCLUDED with the registration fee. Students are NOT required to purchase any supplies for this workshop.

Instructor Biography
I am a northeast Wisconsin woodturner. Most of the wood I turn is native to this area, much of the wood is urban timber, going to the grinder or fire pile, saving it just adds to the satisfaction of completing a piece.

Woodturning is a process of creation through elimination. I start with a large piece of wood and remove material until the perfect form is achieved. I chase the perfect cuve, to ease or soften until just right. I try to read the wood to know when the best figure is showing on the surface, go to far and the figure is gone.

I am often inspired by nature to create the shapes in my work. I strive to have a very organic look and feel to my work by incorporating as many of the voids, knots, burl, and bark inclusions as possible. The natural beauty of the wood is an important featured part of the final piece, even the warmth and feel of the wood is an intended feature of my work.

I tend to work in large, sculptural sizes that alone make a statement. The seeming simplicity of the form belies the technical challenges to complete my work. I work to elect an emotional response through the wood turned shape and form.

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