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Who's Theo?
Theo Van Gogh was a Parisian art dealer in the late 1800's, and he was also the younger brother of Vincent Van Gogh. Most people know about Vincent, the passionate, post-impressionist painter who created over 2,000 works of art during his brief career. Few people realize that, without Theo, there probably wouldn't have been much, if any, Vincent Van Gogh art created all all. Theo was the ultimate art patron, supporting Vincent financially - paying for his rent, food, clothing, art supplies - as well as emotionally, through constant encouragement and praise. Theo did all this without ever knowing that his brother's art would one day be highly valued throughout the world. 

Becoming a Theo's Circle Member
Studies show that a community with a strong arts culture is a strong community! It promotes prosperity, improves academic performance, drives tourism, and sparks innovation! When you join Theo's Circle, a leaders circle of arts patrons, your generous donation will be used to keep the arts strong in our area. Your support will ensure that The Art Garage will continue to thrive, providing stimulating, educational, and fun arts opportunities for all and evolving as the needs in our community arise.
Theo’s helped to make that happen, and we are so grateful.  Please, be a Theo.  

Each year, you will be invited to renew your Theo's Circle membership. In return, all Theo Circle members will be showcased with recognition in our gallery and on our website. Theo's Circle patrons will also receive 15% off all of The Art Garage workshops and $5 off artists submission fees.
Sponsorships for Art Garage events are also available. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please contact info@theartgarage.org

Theo's Circle Levels
Phthalo Green: $100 - $249
Cerulean Blue: $250 - $499
Crimson Red: $500 - $999
Mikado Yellow: $1,000 +

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