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The Impromp2 Method: Improv For the Good of Everyone (NOV 2)

The Impromp2 Method: Improv For the Good of Everyone (NOV 2)


with C.J. Guzan & Craig Knitt

Saturday, November 2, 2019 (1 session)

  • Time: Saturday @ 1:00pm-5:00pm
  • Cost: $50 for class & materials
  • Age: 15+
  • Instructor: C.J. Guzan & Craig Knitt

Workshop Description
C.J. Guzan & Craig Knit have been performing together since 2010, and over the last four years, have performed many, many shows as a two-man Improv team called Impromp2. Their extensive improv, acting, writing, and musical experience has led them to the creation of a show that not only prides itself on being intimately and wonderfully inclusive, but also completely different every single time. Impromp2's mission not only aims to satisfy well-traveled improv enthusiasts, but also actively works to bring high-quality improv to parts of Wisconsin that otherwise have never seen nor experienced such a wonderful art form! 

Craig & C.J. want to share their hard-earned knowledge with the public in a thorough and hilarious improv intensive. This one-day course will teach students (ages 15 - 100): 

-Improvising With A Friend: Learn the methods and finer points of performing intelligent and entertaining two-person improv scenes.

-Insightful Character Creation: How to create a fully developed and realistic character in an instant.

-Group Mind: Moving beyond being an individual, and becoming a unique contributing piece of the collaborative whole. Many minds become one.

-Make The Choice. Love The Choice: Making decisions quickly and confidently, all while being mindful of the intricacies of the situation at hand.

-Everyday Improv: How to utilize Improv skills to streamline and improve your everyday life.

-Improv Today: How to express yourself, on and off stage, in ways that elevate those around you and leave them feeling wonderful.

This intensive will delve deeply into the intricacies of performing live improv, all while having the time of your life! Each workshop purchase includes a FREE ticket to the Impromp2 Show on Saturday, November 2 following the workshop. C.J. & Craig put their backs into making this event an insightful and absolutely hilarious experience for all! Come on down to The Art Garage and enjoy a Saturday with two of the kindest and funniest guys in Wisconsin! See you there!

Instructor Biography
2019 will be C.J.’s sixth year teaching Comics & Cartoons, as well as his first year teaching Improv Performance at The Art Garage! C.J. earned his Bachelor of Art Degree from St. Norbert College in 2014 and has had numerous successful published comic strips, the most notable of which being Rudy & Robby. C.J. takes pride not only in his ability to teach kids the necessary skills to create original comics and cartoons, but also in how he educates his classes on how to follow one’s creative instinct, think critically, and find joy in the creative process! He began performing Improv in 2010 and has been a professional Improviser and Actor ever since, performing in well over 1000 Improv Shows (He lost count after 700) with numerous groups including Mojo Dojo, iO Chicago, ComedyCity, and The SqueezeBox Comedy Group (A traveling Improv Group he created with some of the best Improvisers in Wisconsin)! He teaches Improv at St. Norbert College as well as Improv Workshops for businesses and private groups all over Wisconsin. He can also be seen on numerous Commercials, TV Shows, Films, and Web Series. C.J. wants all prospective students to know that his classes are designed to be personalized, supportive, and most of all FUN! He’ll see you soon! 

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