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Comics & Cartoons for adults (JUNE 17)


with Christopher Guzan

Week 1: June 17-21
(5 sessions)
Ages 18+

Cost: $160 + $15 supplies = $175.00


    Workshop Description

    Instructor C.J. Guzan teaches students how to create finished comics and cartoons using the creative process and various tools. C.J. personalizes the class for each student, working with everyone individually throughout the week to find, develop, and complete a designated number of comics by the end of the day!

    The class will focus on creating at least one well-developed and fully polished comics by the end of the week (However,1-4 excellent comics by the end of the day is not uncommon). The comics and cartoons drastically vary from student to student, as is the purpose. C.J.'s methods encourage students to try new ideas, change perspectives, and develop individual thoughts and styles. Each student that takes this class will walk away from the experience having started with a small idea, and developing it into something tangible and real. Students will primarily use graphite, ink, and colored pencils.

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