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Paint Your Pet for adults (July 29)

Paint Your Pet for adults (July 29)


Paint Your Pet
with Anne Rakow-Weist

Week 3: July 29-Aug 2
(5 sessions)
Ages 18+

Cost: $160 + $15 supplies = $175.00

Workshop Description
Bring in a favorite photo of your pet and learn how to render it in the form of a drawing or painting. Participants will learn how to transfer a photo to obtain guiding lines. After choosing the drawing or painting media, you will receive one-on-one guidance to create a portrait of your current pet or a memorial to a pet that brought joy to your life!

About the Instructor
Anne Rakow-Weist is a local art educator and nationally board certified art therapist. The schools primarily responsible for her credentials include the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Mount Mary University, and Lesley College in Cambridge, MA where she earned her Masters in Expressive Arts Therapy. Having worked with children and adolescents in a wide variety of school settings, she first joined with the Art Garage while teaching 4 SAW classes during the summer of 2017. Her primary focus is encouraging creative problem solving while expanding each young artist’s repertoire of technique. She also teaches strategies to engage the whole brain and to regulate through art activities designed to reduce stress.

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