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Cartooning: Motion, Expression, & Meaning (Ages 11-16) 3-Day PM

Cartooning: Motion, Expression, & Meaning (Ages 11-16) 3-Day PM

C.J. Guzan


Cartooning: Motion, Expression, & Meaning
with C.J. Guzan

Week 2: July 11-13, 2022 (3 sessions)

  • Time: Daily, Monday through Wednesday @ 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

  • Ages: 11-16

  • Cost: $111, All Supplies Included, Per Student | Members receive a $5 discount.  *contact us to utilize your member discount

  • Capacity: 10 students

  • Registration deadline is July 4th

Workshop Description 
‘Cartooning: Motion, Expression, & Meaning’ focuses on teaching 11-16 year olds how to create comics, cartoons, and illustrations that possess an obvious emotional, subjective, or kinetic quality. From the way different characters move through a space, to how a character can express an opinion or position based on physical queues, this three-day course aims to teach both an appreciation for the qualities expressed above as a whole, as well as the skills necessary to carry out the process.

Instructor Biography 
C.J. Guzan began teaching at The Art Garage in the summer of 2014, immediately following his graduation from the St. Norbert College Fine Art Program (Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Graphic Design, Photography, & Film). His relevant work includes multiple popular comic strips, album cover artwork, and thousands of drawings of all sorts (some of which have been published in international magazines)! C.J. has taught Comics & Cartoons every year since 2014 and has even performed in a few special events at the Art Garage!

He is the Corporate Education Director for the Interchange Theater Co-op in downtown Milwaukee (C.J. designs, organizes, trains performers, and performs in traveling Improv Shows), and is a professional Improviser and Actor. He is consistently in many commercials for casinos, dealerships, and tech companies.

C.J. & Allyson (His best friend and wife) also recently welcomed their first child, Theo, into the world! C.J. takes care of Theo during the day while working at home, and Allyson teaches her 4th grade class just down the road from their house.

If there is one thing that C.J. enjoys doing every year, it is teaching Comics & Cartoons at the Art Garage. The opportunity to take part in the creative process with so many skilled and imaginative students is nothing short of soul-fulfilling! C.J. takes pride in his individualized teaching method and is excited to see what amazing work this year’s Youth Summer Art Workshop students will create!

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