Tyler Helfrich

artist BernieSanders contemporary art woodcut

My work represents the human experience beyond the “normal” or “sober” state of consciousness. My goal in representing these abstract ideas is make people aware, or create in themselves “self-realization” of even the smallest degree.  Many of my compositions are chosen because of the inspiration I receive from an image, text, or music.  I am very much a use of computer manipulation to arrange chosen images into a new composition.  I enjoy very much “curating” new compositions.  I think of it as how music evolved in the late 80’s where artists would take already made riffs and drum breaks, and then put their own lyrics on top of it.  This is an entry way into the artist’s personality, integrity and passion for what they do, because it takes “ready-mades” and puts it into a new context.  After discovery of applicable images, part of my process of digital manipulation includes use of filters, vectors, contrast, opacity, and texture.  Being able to combine these things together is very advantageous for the expression of the “new” human experience.


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