Kimberly Schwarzenbart

art drawing illustration

Kimmy is part of our emerging artist program.  She is a student at the University of Wi Green Bay

For two years, I worked as a chalk artist for the University Union at UWGB where I created mostly colorful murals.  In the last six months, I decided to challenge myself to create a different body of work both in medium and scale.  “Creatures” includes ten black and white pieces that explore the balance between humans, animals, and plant life.  These pieces were, in part, inspired by the work of English illustrator, Aubrey Beardsley (1872-1898).  His pieces create visual harmony through a unique dichotomy of either simplifying or complicating forms and figures.  Like Beardsley, I tend to gravitate towards organic forms, and I am always amazed by his clean lines and control throughout his body of work.

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