Katrina Blasingame

anime fandom Participatory culture popular culture post-modern art

I deal in fairytales - narratives that imply danger, that are Kawaii, that are mythic, that are childhood, Visual Culture, and history all tied up together.  I like words, and words lead to images, lead to embodiment, lead to affected spaces and places.  I like to explore through art that which is often explored but rarely acknowledged that is explored - identity, alterity, and self-construction - which are approached through self-consciously constructed narratives: the little stories that we tell everyday of which we, each, are the heroes.

My work interrogates the arbitrary paradigms of so-called "high" and "low" culture through alterity while utilizing "craft" techniques and popular culture references to create hypervalent meta-texts.  Visual culture (i.e. pop culture) and visual literacy are some of the most important facets to understanding our own culture and other people's culture that we have in the 21st century.  An extension of that Visual Culture Literacy is Participatory Culture (I.E. Fandom).  And the works that are created by Participatory Culture participants are a vital interaction and rewriting and reinterpreting the "reality" that media presents to us and converting it into a reality that reflects lived experience.

These pieces are, essentially, participatory Culture products that have taken a " religioso" and or curio bent as a reflection of the worship that is often misplaced in the false realities and representations that media present to us.

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