Bonnie de Arteaga

abstract art Contemporary art encaustic mixedmedia

Bonnie is a studio artist at the ARTgarage

Something’s in the water. We’ve made a mess of our fresh water through disrespect.  It’s too often filled tainted with foreign stuff that pollutes, poisons, and repulses such as  lead, manure, petrochemicals, plastic micro-particles, PCBs, garbage, antibiotics, fertilizers, acid drainage.  This collection of imagery about pristine as well as dirty water is the way things are in the world and a call to more acute conscience about what we do with our water every single day.

 Tony Morrison said “all good art is political.”  And she made the point that art should be both beautiful and political at the same time.

This is my focus with this series, to make art that is beautiful and political, that dances with color and light while still saying something about how we treat our most precious, most beautiful and vital resource. 

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