Blair Wautlet

acrylic charcoal Contemporary art mixedmedia painting


Blair is part of our Emerging artist program.  She is a student at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay.

 Noise is constantly present, even when it is nonexistent. It is defined as a sound, particularly one that is loud or disturbing. How do noises, like music, voices, or footsteps, translate into marks on a canvas or panel? How do these noises affect memories? These are questions I explored in these paintings. Previously, I have looked at how listening to a particular genre of music affects an entire painting’s content, from the composition and colors to the mark making, each becoming wildly different in their own right. I then noticed how noise largely influences one’s memories. As I looked to focus on a particular situation, I could not help but acknowledge how the music and voices influenced that memory and how important it was to reference in my painting, contributing marks that could only be made with that particular song and conversation. Further pushing this idea, I explored how noise solely affects how mark making flows from the hand, as though the sound pushes the hand and medium to dance. This was explored using music, voices, footsteps, thoughts, and silence, as these are things that are always present. 

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