Allie Maier

coffee illustration painting portraits

Allie is part of our emerging artist program.  She is a student at St Norbert’s college

Allie’s artwork aims to acknowledge the search for and the loss of familial identity despite preservation, but also aims to cultivate a common sense of feeling and experience even though the people photographed may remain unknown and separated from the present day. Overall, time makes no difference because relatable feelings and experience transcends time to create connections and nostalgia between those photographed in the past and the viewer in the present.

All of Allie’s artwork is painted in brewed coffee and instant coffee. It creates inexact, glossy textures and patterns, a distinct smell, and soothing color tones. Coffee itself gives a feeling of warmth and security, a layer of comfort, but also gathers and connects friends and family together. The smell alone can invoke habitual thirst and recall memories as well.

Visit her Facebook page @alliemaierart or visit her website at

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