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Events Coordinator:

The Event Coordinator is responsible for attracting and retaining clients to rent event space at the Art Garage. The Event Rental Coordinator is also responsible for managing client relations, including rental agreement contracts and payments.

Report to: Board President until Executive Director position is filled
Compensation: Part-time, $15/hours, 10-20 hours/week

1. Attract and retain clients for rentals, especially for events/clients that help fulfill the organization's mission and implement the strategic plan
2. Communicate with clients about their contract including equipment needs, payment, set up, clean up and the security deposit
3. Manage proper scheduling of event spaces to maximize rentals while avoiding time conflicts and logistical issues
4. Serves as the Art Garage's main contact during each event
5. Coordinates actions of custodial and occasionally assist in cleaning duties if necessary
6. Supervises events during set-up and ensure proper clean up of rental space
7. Ensures all guests, caterer, and vendors adheres to Art Garage policies
8. Follow up with clients when payments are delinquent to cancel event or receive payment immediately
9. Enter all rental information on internal organization calendar with details from contract
10. Process rental payments based on contract
11. Other duties as requested by board president and administrative manager

1. Current degree or seeking a degree in the following fields:
Communications, Marketing, Events, Public Relations, Management, or related field
2. Basic computer skills, and working knowledge of Microsoft Office and Excel
3. Strong planning, organizational, and analytic skills
4. Strong accounting and budget management skills
5. Strong verbal & interpersonal communications skills
6. Ability to interface and engage with a diverse clientele
7. Ability to work flexible hours, requiring working evenings and weekends
8. Complete tasks demonstrating attention to detail, accuracy and thoroughness
9. Dependable & reliable individual
10. Must be 18 years or older
11. Must be physically able to stand, kneel, or walk for extended periods of time, lift up to 20 lbs

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