SHATTERED Fairytales Exhibition

Not so happily ever after!

December Exhibition by Shanna Koltz -          ARTgarage from Dec 2 - 29th.

TWO receptions featuring fairytale models on            Dec 2 and Dec 8 from 6 pm to 9 pm

NOTE:  This is not appropriate for young children.


In a world of plastic, photoshop and fairytales, Shanna wanted to point out that no one has a perfect life.  Not even Disney Princesses.

In this photo series she explores the other side of the story.  The one that Disney didn’t want you to see.  Have you ever asked yourself, “What happened after the fairytale was over?”  “Was the Prince really charming?” or “Was he a cheating womanizer?”  Everyone has their own personal story to tell.  Everyone has been shattered in one way or another.  This series is a glimpse into our current society through the secret lives of our beloved princesses.

What Shanna would like to promote is a platform from which to provide awareness, share statistics, list help lines and shine a light onto some of the social issues that affect our society (and our world) today.

The next time you think someone has it all together and that their life is perfect, remember this series and don’t judge a book by its cover. 

The social issues in this series are:

Alcohol Abuse:  Snow White is an overworked MOM at home with her 7 kids.  Her husband “the Prince” is cheating on her with the other princesses.  Snow white finds comfort in the bottom of a bottle.  She is an Alcoholic

Insomnia, Paranoia and Anxiety:  Princess and the Pea is an insomniac who also suffers from paranoia and anxiety.

Drug Addiction:  Sleeping Beauty craves the of the pin…. she is a drug addict

Global Warming:  Elsa is concerned about global warning… She tries to stay frozen in a cryogenic chamber but she can’t stay in there forever.

Bullying and Domestic Abuse:  Cinderella is caught in a circle of abuse…. First she was bullied and abused by her step-mother and sisters and now her prince charming is abusing her too.  Her glass slippers (once so beautiful) are now sharp and cut like a knife. 

Infidelity, Seduction and Lust:  Beauty is the beast…. Bell (the dominatrix) lures Prince Charming in with her seductive ways.  

Isolation, Solitude and Suicide:  Rapunzel is captive, a woman in jail……. the only way out is her hair.

Toxic Oil Spill:  The Little Mermaid can no longer sing because the toxic oil spill has changed her habitat and the joy for song is no more.

Although we all have issues, we also have something to give… whether it be a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, tough love, compassion, donations or our time.  We can make a difference in our world and in the lives of others.  Shanna  believes that overcoming personal struggles will create character, depth and understanding.  Hardships in life shape our convictions and ultimately make us who we are meant to be.  So why hide the truth?  It is time to stop fantasizing, break open the books and get to know the princesses for who they are.

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