Courtney Maye's Solo Show - Unrelated

immigrants painting solo show

At a glance, Courtney Maye's everyday endeavors and the subject and feel of her artwork may seem sort of... unrelated.

This body of work and its creation has allowed her to be (even the slightest bit) affective in her personal and professional work here in Green Bay. In the midst of this harsh political climate, color is what brings her clarity, painting is what keeps her high, creative expression is what allows her to work towards listening and de-centering herself for the bettering of others.

Please come hang out and celebrate art (and what it does for us) together! There will be wine, beer, juice (lol), and all the jams.

Courtney is ecstatic to be able to share this opportunity with the following performing artists that have either inspired her personally, professionally, creatively, or all the above:

7:15pm - Dequadray White
8pm-10:00pm - Richard Greico Suave

Half of the proceeds of artwork sold will go towards her work with young immigrant women in Green Bay who are using art as a tool for personal growth in all aspects of their lives.

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