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Call for Artists

Art in the Digital Age

At the ARTgarage’s new gallery space

May 3-29, 2017


The image object has transformed because of the internet. “Post-Internet Art” is a term coined by artist Marissa Olson and further elaborated on by Gene McHugh in the critical blog “Post-Internet”. Gene McHugh defines it as “art responding to [a condition] described as ‘Post-Internet’ –when the Internet is less a novelty and more a banality.” The art would be exemplifying the Internet as something ubiquitous or commonplace, not as something worthy of a pedestal. The photo of the art object becomes more widely dispersed and viewed than the object itself. Authorship becomes ubiquitous, attention is valued as currency, and physical space collapses due to the infinite reproducibly and mutability of digital materials. Nothing on the internet is in a fixed state. Anything can become anything else. For objects after the Internet there is almost no “original copy”. Maybe the goal now is to create an object that translates seamlessly to the digital world.



Work media:

Work of any media (painting, drawing, sculpture, textile, ceramic, multimedia, or new media) is acceptable. The ARTgarage is looking for work created in reaction to the increasing digitally focused world we live in. It could be in support, opposition, or be investigating the idea of infinite reproducibility in the physical realm in reaction to the digital copy. Work must be framed, mounted, or otherwise ready to be exhibited. If you have any questions, please contact us.


This exhibition will be held in a brand-new gallery space located in the previously empty wing of the ARTgarage on 1400 Cedar Street, Green Bay, WI


Selection process:

The committee will accept as many qualified entries as space will allow. Student works are encouraged.


To apply:


Send the following to and copy by close of business on April 5:


  1. High quality digital image(s) of work(s) to be considered. Each artist can submit up to 5 works. Images should be presented in JPEG format with 300 dpi resolution, 4” x 6” image size, approximately. Images may be attached directly to an email, via a WeTransfer file, or via a Dropbox link. Images should be no larger than 3MB each. Title each image submission with title of work, medium, dimensions, year of completion, and your name.
  2. Artist statement, specifically referencing the artist’s conversation with the theme of Post-Internet Art
  3. Artist Resume or Curriculum Vitae including biography, educational background, and exhibition record.



Installation: May 2, 2017

Exhibit: May 3-29, 2017

Opening Reception: Friday, May 5, 2017

Works must be removed by Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Entries Due: April 5, 2017. Exhibiting artist will be notified by April 14.


Other details:

Artists are responsible for delivering or mailing work to the ARTgarage to arrive May 1st or 2nd, and removing work on May 30th or providing postage for return. More details of delivery times will be sent to artists upon acceptance.


The ARTgarage retains a 25% commission on all sales.



Adam Fulwiler, Marketing Intern and Organizer, at 920.562.6866 or


Kim Pigeon-Metzner, Artist Resource Director, 920.448.6800 or

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