Paige Nordstrom

I started drawing and painting as early as grade school. My relationship with art has grown and expanded to many genres. Recently, I have been working with mixed medium such as magazine and acrylic. By marrying these two types of mediums I created a new style of Pop Art.

My artwork is greatly influenced by pop culture. I am interested in how we are ruled by a mass marketed society and how we are caught up in the lives of celebrities. So I started to ask the question- what makes us so obsessed with the glamour today? My work leans toward the addiction surrounding celebrities.

Most of us have a famous person they follow and without even knowing them we feel we have a personal connection to them. So I also wanted to convey that celebrities are like products, which allows as consumers to devour and digest.

The series displayed is titled "Consumption"; the use of magazines in my work is the mirror to how we consume our favorite celebrities.

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